Gaining Muscle

Gaining muscle involves 3 major factors:

  1. Great workouts
    2. Necessary recovery periods, and optimal sleep.
    3. Feeding your body the materials with which to repair and build

Creatine is the most well known supplement to increase the effectiveness of a workout. It can be taken in its pure form, or with a pre-made creatine transport system. It’s a great product, but it only works well when you supply intensity in your workouts.

Recovery is a combination of the sleep, minimal stress, and proper nutrition. Supplements that directly aid recovery are antioxidants and HMB. These supplements work by reducing some of the damage that hard workouts impose on your body. See “Recover Faster” for more information.

Proper nutrition is aided most by meal replacements and nutrition bars. These products keep calories low, so you won’t gain fat, yet allows you to maintain a high level of nutrition. The often forgotten reason to use meal replacements is because they are so simple, whether you are on road or at home. Optimal nutrition involves eating 5 to 7 times a day, and preparing that many meals is impossible considering most of our schedules. With meal replacements and nutrition bars, you can prepare and eat a meal in a matter of minutes!

Some people have trouble gaining muscle or fat — the best supplements to turn to in this case are the weight gainers. They allow you to eat many calories easily. Remember, weight gainers have limited applications. They are usually only used by people who don’t gain much fat no matter how much they eat. But remember, when you cut calories, it becomes harder to gain muscle. Eating stimulates the production of anabolic hormones within your body that promote muscle growth.